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Lisbon’s free tourist attractions



Sometimes we travel low cost. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and a lot of people do this simply because they need a vacation, so here are some of Lisbon’s free tourist attractions, in case you needed to be convinced that you can definitely enjoy traveling even when your pocket is modest.

Here are a few of the attractions with free entry that you can enjoy. Of course, a lot of such attractions are gardens and outdoors facilities.

Strolls in the Alfama neighbourhood: here is number one attraction in Lisbon you can enjoy – and I mean really, really enjoy – free of charge. Alfama is one of the most colorful neighbourhoods in Lisbon and the place to get lost in the maze of winding narrow, abrupt cobblestone streets that make up the fascinating maze of this part of the city. Alfama is the oldest district in Lisbon and has an endless choice of restaurants, bistros and bars. The highest point in the district is the Sao Jorge Castle. You can roam around it for free, but the entry cost some 10 Euros. The lowest point is the Tagus river board. Again you have there a series of restaurants and bars to choose from, you can walk down the promenade or get a river cruise.

Belem is a great tourist place. You can take pictures at the Belem Tower and enjoy the Centro Cultural de Belem. This cultural center is a good place to chill out and enjoy the nice weather.

The gardens of the Palacio do Beau Sejour and the palace itself actually are a treat for all people who enjoy gardens, old houses with a story and being outside.

And as you save money this way, there are some facilities you really should look into acquiring. Lisbon car hire options and/ or a Lisbon taxi transfer are things that need to stay on your travel list.


The Azulejos Museum, a trip into the heart of Portugal



Following a trip to Lisbon, you really feel you want to share so much about what you have seen there. So in this train of thought, I suggest we take a walk through The Azulejos Museum, a trip into the heart of Portugal.

One of the most important cultural constituents of a country is the architecture. But what about those adornments that decorate and enrich the buildings? The azulejos are a part of Lisbon and Portuguese architecture and we warmly invite you to admire and appreciate this during your trip. And you will see it is in fact not at all hard to find them, because the azulejos are virtually everywhere on the streets of Portugal, one out of three houses in Lisbon displays intricate and beautiful exterior azulejos.

Which begs the question: what are azulejos? They are painted tin-glazed ceramic tiles that were initially used both as ornaments and as temperature control methods. The word comes from the Arabic “az-zulayj”, which actually means “polished stone”. These are found in Morocco and throughout the Arab world as well, though the Portuguese have raised the azulejos to a state of true art and inprinted them into the cultural identity of the country.

Nevertheless, it was the Romans who first used these tiles, not the Arabs or the Portuguese. At any rate, you will find no azulejos as the Portuguese ones anywhere in the world. Brazil also displays some fine examples of the blue azulejos, as they used to be a Portuguese colony.

But the azulejos in Portugal and different and the best place to see some of the greatest samples from the 13th century up until today is the National Azulejos Museum in Lisbon. You can get a Lisbon transfer to take you there and the entry ticket is just 5 Euro. It is very accessible and worth spending a few great hours learning about this art and how the azulejos became part of the Portuguese identity.


One unforgettable day in Sintra – Part 2



Dear friends, if you have prepared for one unforgettable day in Sintra, you already know one article hasn’t been enough to cover all the great stuff you can do and you can see in this beautiful Portuguese town.

So here are some more points to stop by on our trip to Sintra and during our tour of the city. But before we embark on this new quest, here’s another piece of advice: rent a car with Lisbon car rental if you want to enjoy all the mobility you desire.

If you’ve visited the Sintra National Palace, the center town and the Moorish Castle, it’s time to see the main attraction in town, the greatest castle in Sintra and one of the most outstanding in all of Portugal: Pena Palace. Built in the 19th century by the artistic and in love King Consort Ferdinand II for his beloved wife, the Pena Palace is one of the last romantic palaces in Europe. It has the most special colorful towers and sculpted carvings. You may think the spectacular and romantic exterior is the main attraction – and it is – but the interior, made to fit all the exquisite requirements of royal life, is equally impressive.

A visit to Sintra will not entail mere stuffy museum visits. You can spend as much time outdoors as you want. One option is to explore the amazing Sintra Forest, the luxuriant environment that surrounds and embraces the fairytale castle. There are hiking trails and horseback riding experiences available as well – all it takes is a bit of upfront exploration.

If you want to see more in town, the Quinta da Regaleira is an amazing place as well, where you can take in the gothic atmosphere and take a stroll around the equally extravagant garden, with its secret passageways and caves.

Sintra is a wonder you simply cannot miss!



One unforgettable day in Sintra – Part 1



Are you preparing for your trip to Portugal? Then book one unforgettable day in Sintra.

Sintra is a must destination in Portugal. It has it all for a happy and successful trip: it is conveniently located from Lisbon – less than an hour’s drive by Lisbon transfer to Sintra – it is also extremely beautiful and it probably has the highest density of castles in Europe.

So what’s in store for somebody seeking to enjoy the most of the Sintra Portuguese experience? Here are some of the points well worth taking into account:

Sintra is easily accessible, like we said, and quite compact. You can enjoy a city break here easily, but a day trip is also acceptable.

Once you get to town, the first step worth making is the Palacio Nacional de Sintra, which governs the central side of town. This can easily be the starting point for your adventure here. You can also stop for a coffee or a snack and amp up your energy before carrying on with your tour.

Next stop: the beautiful ruins of the Moorish Castle. The joined history of Moors and Europeans has left important traces around Portugal and Sintra makes no exception. The Moorish Castle is one of the greatest constructions to have stood the test of time. It used to be a fort built by the Moors in the 9th century, then it was conquered by the Crusaders and ultimately abandoned to decay around the 12th century. Luckily, in the mid-18th century, King Fernando II fell in love with the beautiful ruins of the castle and set about to restore it to (some sort of) glory. It basically gave it the fantastic ruin allure and promoted the forests that surround it and the wonderful landscapes over the town that you can enjoy from uphill.



October, a great time to visit Lisbon!


You know what’s approaching? October, a great time to visit Lisbon!
You may think autumn is cold and boring; and it is rainy and cold in most parts of the world, but the sun, though not as brightly, does continue to shine in the old capital city of Portugal this time of year.
And apart from this, this October just happens to be a very eventful time in Lisbon. So here are some of the greatest October 2017 Lisbon events to put on your list:
Rock n’ Roll Lisbon Marathon is the first that should make that list. It’s bound to take place on October 15th 2017 and will bring athletes racing from the Vasco da Gama bridge some two kilometers through town. It is one of the most acclaimed sports events in the city.
The DocLisboa International Cinema Festival is also scheduled this October from 19th to 29th. It is the most prominent Portuguese film festival that dedicates all its attention to English and Portuguese documentaries. Local and international filmmakers will be present here, as they are each year. So here is a good opportunity for film buffs to have a bit of fun.
Music lovers and fans of John Legend will be happy to know that their favorite singer will be in town at the beginning of the second month of autumn and will give an incredible concert on October 1st at the MEO Arena in Lisbon. If you appreciate his special timber and romantic songs, you should join!
Also, throughout October (1st to 30th of the month), you can attend the International Furniture and Lighting Exhibition INTECASA. This may be particularly interesting if you are planning to move into a new place or redecorate your home.
So how do we get the most of the city during our trip? One way would be to appreciate the low season period and get the most of it by booking a

Coimbra and its five secrets


If you want a surge of energy and youth during your trip to Portugal, we suggest looking into the following option: Coimbra and its five secrets.
Today, Coimbra is probably the best place to be if you are a student. You will be happy here, amongst books and libraries, roaming about the Coimbra University, one of the oldest higher education establishments in the world!
But what you may not know is… secret number one of Coimbra: it is Portugal’s former capital city. The town revolves around the beautiful old town center with its 12th century cathedral Se Velha, built in the Romanesque style.
Secret number two: did you know that, since there is a Se Velha, there must also be a Se Nova in Coimbra? This second building is just as majestic and was consecrated in the year 1640. Its flamboyant exterior is matched by the majestic interior.
Secret number three: As many other cities in today’s Portugal, Coimbra used to be ruled by the Moors in the middle ages. The Arco de Almedina is the remaining part of the gate to the old town. Its structure dates back to the 9h century and it would seem people did know how to build back then, because it’s still standing. The name comes from the Arabic “medina” – “town”. The strong defensive walls, however, are for the most part a thing of the past – with a less threatening present, the gate today is a tourist attraction and the annexed building occasionally hosts exhibitions.
Secret four: Da Sereia Gardens are the perfect place to take a stroll. If on the other hand you want to go by car, you can rent a car in Coimbra at a fair rate.
Secret number five: Kings were born here and some have also found a resting place in town.
You will definitely feel the grandiose air of the place during your stay in town!

Top 7 fun amazing facts about Portugal


Dearest friends, we believe there just might be a few more Fun amazing facts about Portugal to say before we drift away into completely different subjects on tourism and life and others. So, here are some more proofs that our favorite Mediterranean (actually, Atlantic) country is a realm of beauty, mystery and wonder.

  1. Bacalhau (codfish) is sort of a… national Portuguese dish. It’s both the name of the actual fish and that of the respective foods. And there appear to be over 1000 different recipes. As any country bordered by the sea, fishing is a part of the secret – and disclosed – life of the place. Portugal also exports a lot of fish and seafood.
  2. More than half of the “New World” used to belong to Portugal. That is because the Great Age of Exploring was mostly dominated by explorers from Portugal (such as Christopher Columbus, Pedro Alvares Cabra, Ferdinand Magellan, and Vasco da Gama.
  3. The Portuguese, noble as ever: even in the old days. In 1761, Portugal became the first Colonial Empire to abolish slavery.
  4. Fado is the national music of Portugal, its melancholy rhythms and somewhat whining voice remembering of ages long lost, when the country was prouder, perhaps, than it is today. You may or may not be surprised to know that Fado is also part of the UNESCO World Intangible Heritage.
  5. Portugal is one of the most famous surfing sites. The town of Nazare was reported to witness the largest surf wave in the world, measuring some 30 meters in height. So if you want to practice water sports, Portugal is the place for you!
  6. Do you like omelet? Prepare for the largest one in the world if you twist the hand of people in Santarem! In 2012, 50 local cooks baked the largest omelet in the world. It weighed 6.5 tons!
  7. The best way to go about the capital city is if you go online and book a Lisbon taxi in case you want to go and visit or to make a tour of Lisbon city or Lisbon rent a car in case you want to visit places arround Lisbon as well, that it’s inexpensive and the conditions are flexible.

Estoril, an ideal golf destination

Estoril, an ideal golf destination

Beautiful sandy beaches, luxurious resorts and a truly elegant ambiance. This is what makes for an excellent tourist attraction, so today we get to talk about Estoril, an ideal golf destination. Join us on a truly luxurious trip!

A spiritual moment in Fatima

A spiritual moment in Fatima

One of the cultural constituents of Portugal is its bonds to the Catholic Church. Like the Spanish, the Portuguese are quite conventional Catholics and some of them are devouts. But regardless of religion, you can have a spiritual moment in Fatima. And that is mainly because the little town in the district of Santarem is a place of great beauty first and foremost. But there is another reason and we’ll discover it.

A short history of Azulejos

A short history of Azulejos

Did you think “Azulejos” is a place, maybe a village in Portugal? Actually, azulejos are traditional Portuguese ceramic tiles that cover the inner and outer walls of the buildings that are so specific of this Iberian country. A short history of Azulejos will explain their origin, their art and the best places to find them.