Lisbon, the capital city of chocolate in February 2015

Lisbon, the capital city of chocolate in February 2015

Chocolate needs absolutely no introduction: the sweet creamy utterly seductive flavour that defeats many a diet is one of life’s greatest guilty pleasures. Today, we rejoice because there is news about Lisbon, the capital city of chocolate in February 2015.

This is because the Portuguese capital city is preparing to host the Festival of Chocolate (O Chocolate em Lisboa) between February 5th and 8th 2015 in Campo Pequeno. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, vanilla and the innocent white chocolate, chocolate bars, candies and bonbons, cakes and hot chocolates are going to find home here for a few days, as will the world’s greatest chocolatiers.

Chocolate is also great if it is home made, so to perfect your skills, there will be demonstrations by the masters of chocolate, as well as workshops and lectures. As for the little ones, they will be delighted to explore the Choco Kidslandia, while their parents can also stuff themselves with sweets in the Cocoa Lounge.

Have you ever stopped to consider just how chocolate is made? It is more or less common knowledge that chocolate is extracted from the cacao tree seeds, but the process of fermentation to render it the unmistakable flavor is much more complex. After they have been fermented, the beans are dried, cleaned and afterwards put to roast. After removing the shell, the result is the rough chocolate coming in cacao nibs. Liquefied before being cast into a specific form, this is the co-called chocolate liquor.

Chocolate, as a drink at least, has reportedly been produced for 2 millennia on the American continent, where it originates. But we will let you discover its entire history at the Lisbon Chocolate Festival, where you can travel to with a cheap Lisbon airport transfer that you can easily book online. May we just wish you a nice trip and enjoy!