Plan a Coimbra mini-vacation this May

Plan a Coimbra mini-vacation this May

The second month of spring has almost gone by and the whole world is making preparations for the 1st of May. Quite paradoxically, the International Labour Day is celebrated with… a day off, so this gives you the opportunity to plan a Coimbra mini-vacation this May.

Here is an event you can enjoy if you happen to be in the sunny Atlantic country of Portugal this May!

Coimbra is perhaps the most famous university city in Portugal as well as the oldest. Between May 11th and May 17th 2015, Coimbra is going to host this year’s edition of “The Burning of the Ribbons” (“Queima das Fitas”), where the fresh graduates celebrate ending their school years with a huge party in the colors of their Faculty.

The fact that the Queima das Fitas is a student celebration doesn’t mean that only students are allowed to attend the event. On the contrary, the festival with its loud, colorful parades has become an attraction for thousands of visitors all over the world. The beginning of the festival – happening at the Old Cathedral, where the traditional serenade is played – marks the start of a whole week of cultural events. Highlights include the Gala Ball, the Bullock Fight in Figueira da Foz and the Tea Dance.

Apart from this celebration, you might be interested to know Coimbra is in its entirety an outstanding city, a medieval town with wonderful architecture, narrow winding streets and a breathtaking landscape.

Among the places you must see in Coimbra, we can include the Coimbra University, the Choupal National Forest, the Conimbriga (one of the best preserved and largest Roman sites, dating back to the 8th century BC) and Santa Cruz Church.

If you happen to land at Lisbon airport, you can opt for a Lisbon airport transfer to Coimbra to ride there comfortably.