Golf, Lisbon’s favorite pass-time

Golf, Lisbon’s favorite pass-time

The golf courses in Portugal have become popular throughout the world. The amazing quality of the grass, coupled with the pleasant weather year-round and the welcoming atmosphere provide perfect conditions for players to practice their sport: Golf, Lisbon’s favorite pass-time.

Lisbon, the largest city and the capital of Portugal, is an eclectic place that offers ample entertainment options to all its locals and visitors. It displays one of the mildest weathers in Europe, like we said, making it ideal for golf, which is a sport that needs to be played outdoors, preferably on dry grass.

The Algarve, the seaside region of Portugal, has often been praised for its more than 300 days of sunshine. It’s an ideal place to practice all kinds of sports, including and maybe most of all golf. But the central region and Lisbon are also excellent destinations.

Among the best golf courses in Lisbon, there are two that couldn’t be absent from the list: the Penha Longa golf courses. Overlooking the majestic Sintra Mountains (which harbor an impressive “collection” of castles), Penha Longa is recommended for professional golf players. Requiring a long drive, with a winding and somewhat bumpy terrain, this golf course is particularly challenging, but also beautiful.

Oitavos Dunes, also in Lisbon, is counted among the top 100 golf courses worldwide. The forested area entwined with the dunes and elevations make this particular golf course resemble an enchanted forest. It’s a true pleasure to play here and every golfer should indulge in this sporting delight.

Playing golf outside your country, if you are not Portuguese, can be a bit tricky. It’s almost impossible to travel with your golf clubs on the plane, but fear not: you can book your set of clubs. There are also special transport arrangements that can be made, such as Lisbon golf transfers to take you to and from your golf club. It takes a bit of planning and a certain budget, but playing golf in Lisbon will be a delight!