Lisbon Ocean Festival 2015

Lisbon Ocean Festival 2015

Spending summer in Portugal is a sunny, joyous occasion you shouldn’t miss, should the opportunity arise. The month of July is especially beautiful and warm, and there is a great event that ends it with festive fireworks and much entertainment, that being the Lisbon Ocean Festival 2015.

Organized between July 30th and August 13th, the Lisbon Ocean Festival 2015 welcomes visitors from all walks of life, from all corners of the world, to one of the greatest displays of the Portuguese spirit in the calendar. Designed as a cultural event that pays tribute to the ocean life, for every edition there is a specific theme.

As one of the greatest summer events in Lisbon and in the entire Portugal, this festival virtually “contaminates” with music and joy the entire city. The Lisbon city center, Belem and Parque das Nacoes are the main locations of the event.

Basically, there are conferences, expositions, live performances and theater, concerts and public events meant to bring together locals and foreigners, in hopes of promoting the Portuguese culture and the Portuguese spirit. The first edition of the Lisbon Ocean Festival was organized in 1999, after Lisbon housed the great EXPO’98.

Many free events and activities are meant to lure as many people as possible to the festival. It seems that August is the month when Lisbon is somewhat neglected – perhaps because so many people flood the shores of the Algarve – so the Municipality wishes to enhance tourism during this month. There are city breaks to consider for the dates, but be careful to be quite thorough when it comes to the organizational aspects of your trip.

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