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October, a great time to visit Lisbon!


You know what’s approaching? October, a great time to visit Lisbon!
You may think autumn is cold and boring; and it is rainy and cold in most parts of the world, but the sun, though not as brightly, does continue to shine in the old capital city of Portugal this time of year.
And apart from this, this October just happens to be a very eventful time in Lisbon. So here are some of the greatest October 2017 Lisbon events to put on your list:
Rock n’ Roll Lisbon Marathon is the first that should make that list. It’s bound to take place on October 15th 2017 and will bring athletes racing from the Vasco da Gama bridge some two kilometers through town. It is one of the most acclaimed sports events in the city.
The DocLisboa International Cinema Festival is also scheduled this October from 19th to 29th. It is the most prominent Portuguese film festival that dedicates all its attention to English and Portuguese documentaries. Local and international filmmakers will be present here, as they are each year. So here is a good opportunity for film buffs to have a bit of fun.
Music lovers and fans of John Legend will be happy to know that their favorite singer will be in town at the beginning of the second month of autumn and will give an incredible concert on October 1st at the MEO Arena in Lisbon. If you appreciate his special timber and romantic songs, you should join!
Also, throughout October (1st to 30th of the month), you can attend the International Furniture and Lighting Exhibition INTECASA. This may be particularly interesting if you are planning to move into a new place or redecorate your home.
So how do we get the most of the city during our trip? One way would be to appreciate the low season period and get the most of it by booking a

Coimbra and its five secrets


If you want a surge of energy and youth during your trip to Portugal, we suggest looking into the following option: Coimbra and its five secrets.
Today, Coimbra is probably the best place to be if you are a student. You will be happy here, amongst books and libraries, roaming about the Coimbra University, one of the oldest higher education establishments in the world!
But what you may not know is… secret number one of Coimbra: it is Portugal’s former capital city. The town revolves around the beautiful old town center with its 12th century cathedral Se Velha, built in the Romanesque style.
Secret number two: did you know that, since there is a Se Velha, there must also be a Se Nova in Coimbra? This second building is just as majestic and was consecrated in the year 1640. Its flamboyant exterior is matched by the majestic interior.
Secret number three: As many other cities in today’s Portugal, Coimbra used to be ruled by the Moors in the middle ages. The Arco de Almedina is the remaining part of the gate to the old town. Its structure dates back to the 9h century and it would seem people did know how to build back then, because it’s still standing. The name comes from the Arabic “medina” – “town”. The strong defensive walls, however, are for the most part a thing of the past – with a less threatening present, the gate today is a tourist attraction and the annexed building occasionally hosts exhibitions.
Secret four: Da Sereia Gardens are the perfect place to take a stroll. If on the other hand you want to go by car, you can rent a car in Coimbra at a fair rate.
Secret number five: Kings were born here and some have also found a resting place in town.
You will definitely feel the grandiose air of the place during your stay in town!