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Top things to do in Lisbon 2023!


Lisbon is a beloved capital city in Europe, and there are so many things to do there that you can genuinely pick your very own experience.
Lisbon has so much to offer that it’s getting challenging to tour the city in a single weekend. There are still its historical cobbled streets, charming wooden trams, glittering river, and magnificent tiled façades, but there are also a number of exciting new places to explore.
Discover more and more new and exciting things to do and enjoy in Lisbon 2023!

1. Fall in love with Fado Music
No trip to Lisbon is complete without listening to some fado, a style of music that is claimed to have started in Portugal in the 19th century.
If you stroll through Alfama’s historic center, you’ll probably hear it purely by mistake emanating from the numerous nearby taverns, eateries, and even homes.

2. Learn about ceramics
Instagram users are familiar with Lisbon’s tiled façade, but the city’s ceramic heritage goes beyond its patterned housing exteriors.
Portugal is a clay-rich nation with a long tradition of making ceramics, and many of its craftspeople are well-known internationally.
To shop the wide variety and pay per kilogram, go to Cerâmicas na Linha in Chiado. There, you can buy plates, bowls, and mugs that will simple adore!

3. Enjoy Lisbon’s Festivals
Lisbon’s fantastic festival scene is thriving again after the pandemic. Nos Alive, a three-day event in Passeio Martimo de Algés, will return in July 2023 with a stellar roster that includes Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, Lizzo, and Sam Smith.
The 1975 and Wu-Tang Clan will also perform at Super Bock Super Rock in July as its headliners.
At MEO Kalorama in September, performances by Florence + The Machine, Aphex Twin, and Arcade Fire are scheduled.

4. Climb to the top of the Panteão Nacional
With its distinctive white dome ceiling, this stunning church stands proudly in the Alfama neighborhood and serves as Portugal’s national pantheon.
Visitors are welcome to enter the pantheon and go to the top, where they can admire the amazing symmetry of the structure from above. With views that go far across the Tagus river, it’s also a fantastic location to observe the city from above.

5. Visit the city’s miradouros to find the best views
Although the city’s rooftop bars are worth checking out, people prefer to watch the sun set at the several free miradouros (or views) scattered throughout the city.
Due to its bougainvillea and tiled interior, the Miradouro das Portas do Sol is the one you’ve probably seen on social media. But, for a more tranquil experience, the Miradouro da Graça it’s a better suggestion.
Pack a picnic and a drink to enjoy while taking in the atmosphere of the city.

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