5 Reasons to spend Valentine’s Day in Lisbon

5 Reasons to spend Valentine’s Day in Lisbon

One must come to Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal at least once in a lifetime, simply because the experience is absolutely enriching. As you walk the streets full of history and melancholy, you will slowly drift into the intimate atmosphere of the place and never want to leave.

That is also because Lisbon breathes romanticism. With the happy day of all lovers knocking on the door, we thought we’d discuss 5 Reasons to spend Valentine’s Day in Lisbon.

Lisbon is a fascinating place that can’t wait to open itself to you. You will discover, for instance, that the neighborhood Baixa was designed and built according to the principles of the Freemasons. It might sound like a long shot, but the narrow streets are a beautiful promenade for lovers to walk hand in hand.

Reason #2 to spend Valentine’s Day in Lisbon is Belem. The Tower is one of the most romantic and beautiful spots and the most photographed of all Lisbon monuments, commemorating the glorious past of the explorers.

One of the most underrated spots in Lisbon are the wonderful Tropical Gardens. Created in 1906, Jardim do Ultramar features some of the most fascinating flora from the Canaries and Madeira Island.

The enchanted Pena Palace in Sintra was one of the first romantic constructions in Europe. It is a fantastic, colorful castle that stems the imagination of all dreamers.

Reason #5 – last, but certainly not least – is a view over the Vasco da Gama Bridge. The bridge is one of the most prominent symbols of Lisbon city. From there, you can take your lover by the hand and go have a lovely candlelit dinner in one of the restaurants nearby.

And if you need a Lisbon tour, you are more than welcome to go online and book one in advance.