A golfing trip to Lisbon

A golfing trip to Lisbon

Are you traveling to Portugal for business or pleasure? If the first, you will eventually realize that no business trip to this sunny happy country will end otherwise than with a bit of fun. If the second, today we suggest a golfing trip to Lisbon.

Portugal is regarded by many the ultimate golfing destination. Few countries worldwide have golf courses that can compete with those of the Algarve, Porto and Lisbon area. And besides, few places on earth have such pleasant weather almost year-round and breathtaking landscapes by the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to brag about!

A golfing trip to Lisbon, however, entails a bit of planning, so before we tell you more about the best places where you can go and practice your favorite sport, we should remind you there are a few details you should bear in mind before planning your golf adventure.

For instance, traveling with your own set of golf clubs can be tricky… that is, if you have your own set of golf clubs to begin with. But that won’t be an issue, because you can hire them.

Rather, you will have to concern yourself about how to get to your golf course, and this is where Lisbon golf transfers can help you out. These services will take you from your address to your destination and back in a vehicle that is suitable to accommodate you, your friends and your golf bags and other luggage.

Also, in the busy capital city of Portugal, it might be a good idea to book a Lisbon car hire, a vehicle that you can drive yourself throughout your stay.

As for the promised list of places where you can practice your favorite sport, we recommend: Penha Longa Golf Club in Sintra, Estoril Golf Club, Club de Golfe Belavista, Clube de Campo da Aroeira in Almada and in Cascais, Quinta da Marinha Oitavos Golfe. All are located in wonderfully picturesque places, so you won’t regret your choice!