Estoril, an ideal golf destination

Estoril, an ideal golf destination

Beautiful sandy beaches, luxurious resorts and a truly elegant ambiance. This is what makes for an excellent tourist attraction, so today we get to talk about Estoril, an ideal golf destination. Join us on a truly luxurious trip!

In recent years, golf, a sport that started long ago in medieval Scotland, has come to be assimilated with aristocratic life and with wealth.

What is it that makes Estoril such a coveted destination? For one, its proximity to Lisbon city (only 25 minutes’ drive separate you from the capital, so with some transfers from Lisbon Airport to Estoril, you will get there safely and swiftly).

Then there’s the issue of the excellent local infrastructure and the real estate context. Some of the best hotels in central Portugal are located here, plus there are a few golf resorts that pose a particular appeal to those interested in practicing their favorite sport.

Portugal has a great tradition when it comes to golf. Firstly, because the golf courses here offer excellent conditions; secondly, because the mild weather and the sunny days here provide the perfect setting for outdoors activities.

An 16-hole course, Estoril Golf Course is a world-famous golf attraction. Surrounded by proud, tall trees, conquering the uneven plain, the golf course is as challenging as it is attractive. The Golf Academy in Estoril is committed to teaching and developing golf, but it also offers a series of other programs.

An entire “industry” has formed around golf. Worth mentioning are the particularly tailored Lisbon golf transfers. These are designed to take you to and from your golf course of choice.

There are other points of interest in town, when it comes to golf.  Quinta da Beloura, Estoril Blue Course, Penha Longa Golf Courses and Oitavos Golf are some of the best in Europe as well, so they should definitely make any golfer’s list.