Going to a match in Lisbon – Estadio da Luz

Going to a match in Lisbon - Estadio da Luz

People travel to the capital city of Portugal for various purposes. Most of them, either for business or for traveling, but traveling can mean a lot of things and men often go the distance (literally) to see, for example, their favorite soccer team play. So today is all about the passion for sports and going to a match in Lisbon – Estadio da Luz is today’s stop.

They call it the “Stadium of Light” or “The Cathedral”. Officially called “Estadio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica”, Estadio da Luz is one of the most renowned football arenas in the world, home to S.L. Benfica, whose supporters (from all around the world) come here to watch their favorite team play.

Inaugurated in 2003, Estadio da Luz has a capacity of about 65.000 people. It may not be the biggest one in the world, not even in Europe (where it’s actually the 21st in capacity), but it’s a UEFA stadium all right and in 2014 it was elected the most beautiful on the Continent by L’Equipe.

The stadium serves several purposes, such as occasional concerts or other outdoors events, but let’s not forget its main purpose: hosting the most awesome, thrilling and exciting football matches. The inauguration match was between S.L. Benfica and Nacional de Montevideo and since then, prominent teams such as Inter Milan, Rosenborg, Anderlecht, Villarreal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, Juventus, Milan or Chelsea have competed against Benfica Lisboa here.

If you want to see Benfica play in this most expected season, be sure to prepare a trip to Lisbon. The stadium is amazing, a true spectacle of light and of transparency, but we won’t spoil the surprise! A Lisbon taxi transfer to Estadio da Luz will drive you there straight from your hotel at a very reasonable price.