Going to a match in Lisbon – Estadio do Restelo

Going to a match in Lisbon - Estadio do Restelo

Nobody really needs a reason to travel to Portugal and to visit its beautiful capital city. But if we were to pick a pretext to come to Lisbon at once, here’s one: Going to a match in Lisbon – Estadio do Restelo is what we’re looking into today. Let’s go ahead and prove that it’s a worthy subject, especially for football fans!

Estadio do Restelo was officially opened in 1956 and serves as a multi-purpose stadium, one of the best in Lisbon, though its capacity is below 20.000 people. It might be small, but it’s large enough to organize concerts and other such events, as well as incendiary football matches.

Did you know that Smashing Pumpkins, Duffi, Brandi Carlile and Queen + Paul Rodgers all concerted on the Estadio do Restelo?

Also, the surroundings of the stadium are very beautiful and definitely worth visiting. So this wouldn’t just be a trip to a soccer game. It’s located in the historic Lisbon parish of Belem, just behind the majestic Jeronimos Monastery. This attraction is one of the most famous in all of Lisbon, so if you can visit two of the best spots in Lisbon in one day, why not take the opportunity?

But back to the Estadio do Restelo and football: if you are a real fan, it’s worth traveling the world to see with your own eyes the best football players do their magic. The Lisbon football stadiums must surely make your list, including the Restelo Stadium Lisbon.

Be sure to check the next matches scheduled for this season, because visiting Portugal in spring and summer is an unforgettable and unparalleled experience! So catch the next game and take the chance to visit the city in one trip.

If you are concerned about transport details, let the Lisbon taxi transfer to Estadio Restelo take care of this for you.