Lisbon’s free tourist attractions



Sometimes we travel low cost. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and a lot of people do this simply because they need a vacation, so here are some of Lisbon’s free tourist attractions, in case you needed to be convinced that you can definitely enjoy traveling even when your pocket is modest.

Here are a few of the attractions with free entry that you can enjoy. Of course, a lot of such attractions are gardens and outdoors facilities.

Strolls in the Alfama neighbourhood: here is number one attraction in Lisbon you can enjoy – and I mean really, really enjoy – free of charge. Alfama is one of the most colorful neighbourhoods in Lisbon and the place to get lost in the maze of winding narrow, abrupt cobblestone streets that make up the fascinating maze of this part of the city. Alfama is the oldest district in Lisbon and has an endless choice of restaurants, bistros and bars. The highest point in the district is the Sao Jorge Castle. You can roam around it for free, but the entry cost some 10 Euros. The lowest point is the Tagus river board. Again you have there a series of restaurants and bars to choose from, you can walk down the promenade or get a river cruise.

Belem is a great tourist place. You can take pictures at the Belem Tower and enjoy the Centro Cultural de Belem. This cultural center is a good place to chill out and enjoy the nice weather.

The gardens of the Palacio do Beau Sejour and the palace itself actually are a treat for all people who enjoy gardens, old houses with a story and being outside.

And as you save money this way, there are some facilities you really should look into acquiring. Lisbon car hire options and/ or a Lisbon taxi transfer are things that need to stay on your travel list.