One unforgettable day in Sintra – Part 2



Dear friends, if you have prepared for one unforgettable day in Sintra, you already know one article hasn’t been enough to cover all the great stuff you can do and you can see in this beautiful Portuguese town.

So here are some more points to stop by on our trip to Sintra and during our tour of the city. But before we embark on this new quest, here’s another piece of advice: rent a car with Lisbon car rental if you want to enjoy all the mobility you desire.

If you’ve visited the Sintra National Palace, the center town and the Moorish Castle, it’s time to see the main attraction in town, the greatest castle in Sintra and one of the most outstanding in all of Portugal: Pena Palace. Built in the 19th century by the artistic and in love King Consort Ferdinand II for his beloved wife, the Pena Palace is one of the last romantic palaces in Europe. It has the most special colorful towers and sculpted carvings. You may think the spectacular and romantic exterior is the main attraction – and it is – but the interior, made to fit all the exquisite requirements of royal life, is equally impressive.

A visit to Sintra will not entail mere stuffy museum visits. You can spend as much time outdoors as you want. One option is to explore the amazing Sintra Forest, the luxuriant environment that surrounds and embraces the fairytale castle. There are hiking trails and horseback riding experiences available as well – all it takes is a bit of upfront exploration.

If you want to see more in town, the Quinta da Regaleira is an amazing place as well, where you can take in the gothic atmosphere and take a stroll around the equally extravagant garden, with its secret passageways and caves.

Sintra is a wonder you simply cannot miss!