Shopping in Lisbon – Colombo Centre

Shopping in Lisbon - Colombo Centre

As all European capital centers, Lisbon provides a wide variety of malls and shops to make a shopaholic happy. Let’s take a moment to explore Shopping in Lisbon – Colombo Centre being or destination for today.

Colombo Centre is the ultimate Portuguese shopping mall – and actually, it is the largest in the Iberian Peninsula by number of stores. Opened in 1997, it provides a totally innovative shopping experience – experience altogether, actually, because its design and style take you back to the glorious Age of Discoveries. The mall looks amazing and combines new concepts with Elizabethan motifs, such as departments called “Avenue of the Discoveries” or “Square Tropico de Cancer”.

As is to be expected, Colombo Centre offers the widest choice of entertainment options. It has more than 60 restaurants, from posh stands to fast food variants, a beautiful outdoor garden, a bowling park to practice your sport, as well as a large, 9-cinema area where you can enjoy the latest box office successes.

Here are just a few of the many brands that have a shop featured at the Colombo Centre! First of all, we have designer clothes provided courtesy of Zara, Stradivarius, Bershka, Pimkie, Pull and Bear, sports shoes from Adidas or Nike, cosmetics from Douglas. You can buy a watch from Rolex or Swatch, go to Millennium for a bank loan, stock your house with technology at Samsung or charge the credit on your phone at Vodafone or Worten Mobile.

Where do we eat? As we were saying, there are lots of restaurants, but there are also fast food chain options, such as Pizza Hut, McDonald’s or KFC.

How do we get there? The mall is located in Carnide parish, next to the Lusiada Avenue, so it’s quite easily reached. If you want to get a private ride, we recommend a Lisbon taxi to Colombo Centre.