What to do and see in Ericeira

What to do and see in Ericeira

If you find yourself in the municipality of Mafra, there are a few places you should visit. One that has the romantic air of an old fishing village and the lively atmosphere of a seaside resort is Ericeira. What to do and see in Ericeira is what we are going to explore today.

Ericeira is seen as the European “Mecca of surfers”. The most spectacular waves and the particular coastline surf conditions make it unique and the world-famous World Surfing Reserve in Ericeira does attract thousands of fans. There are some 40 beaches that offer excellent conditions to practice the sport, but also to relax sunbathing or just swim by the seashore of the Atlantic Ocean.

But there are also other things to do in Ericeira. One of them is to visit the Furnas Park. This is a very romantic spot, ideal to take your partner and watch the sun set behind the line of the horizon which confuses its outline with the limit of the sea.

Nearby, you can visit Torres Vedras. And between the two cities, over 20 kilometers of fine sandy beaches stretch unabashed. Santa Cruz is one of these outstanding beaches, but also the picturesque Porto Novo, where you can also practice golf. There are actually several golf courses in the region, Portugal being a hub for the practitioners of this sport.

Music is also at home in Ericeira. The Philharmonics of Ericeira is an important cultural center. It’s been open since 1849 and welcomes notable national and international artists.

There are also ample entertainment options, hundreds of restaurants and other attractions to discover, but we won’t spoil the surprise.

How do we travel around the city? Booking some transfers from Lisbon airport to Ericeira would definitely be the easiest option. That being said, see you in Portugal!