5 Best Parks in Lisbon

5 Best Parks in Lisbon

There is nothing better than being outdoors on a lovely, spring day, with the sun bathing your face and the wind slowly caressing your skin. Lisbon just might top the absolute best places to be when you wish to enjoy such an unmitigated delight.

Come with us as we explore the 5 Best Parks in Lisbon!

1. The Nations Park (or Parque das Nacoes) is a symbol of the Portuguese capital city. Located in the eastern side of the city, this amazing park was the place where the “Expo 98” International Exhibition was held and offers the best view over the Vasco da Gama Bridge (Ponte Vasco da Gama). The Oceanarium, the pavilions with open exhibitions, rides on bike or walks along the river, but also having a drink or dinner at one of the finest Lisbon restaurants located nearby are among the things you can do here.

2. The Belem Palace Gardens offers you the opportunity to visit the Museum and the Palace in Belem – which is another “must-see” in Lisbon. There is a network of gardens to explore, but we mainly advise visiting the Main Gardens, the Orangery, the Waterfall and the the Lime Tree Garden.

3. The Zoo also counts as a garden – only an awesome one with animals! This is definitely the best place to take your family and kids. Apart from 16 species of gibbons and lots of the usual animals you are likely to find in a zoo, children love the sea lion and dolphin shows.

4. The Botanical Garden is another stop for any lover of plants – and Portugal abounds in the most interesting species!

5. The Estrella Park is the best stop for romantics, having been built in the 19th century. In the company of birds singing and surrounded by exotic vegetation, it is also the place to take a coffee or a light pleasant meal with your loved one.

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