What to visit near Lisbon

What to visit near Lisbon

There are give or take a million reasons to visit the Portuguese capital city of Lisbon, and we have pretty much covered them in the past. But how about a trip to the countryside, just outside the hustle and bustle and entertainment of the city?

You’ve guessed it. What to visit near Lisbon is the subject of our discussion today. Let’s take a moment to discover some of the most beautiful towns and lands around the capital city.

Around half an hour’s drive outside the city of Lisbon, driving through central Portugal, you reach the amazing municipality of Sintra. In a forested and enchanted landscape, you will discover the amazing Pena Palace, a multi-colored Disney-like castle.

Queluz Palace is also located in Sintra. Built in the 18th-century for (and by) the Portuguese royal family, it is a Rococo masterpiece, encompassing the grandeur of the Versailles and the local architecture style.

Mafra is part of the urban agglomeration of Greater Lisbon, home to the Mafra National Palace and to the Mafra Convent, which you are encouraged to visit for their beauty and their quiet.

A remarkable point of interest for Catholic christians is Fatima, where a pilgrimage is organized each year, celebrating the miracles that are said to have taken place in the town.

If you miss a trip to the seaside, to bask in the sun and dip your ankles in the cool and refreshing waters of the Atlantic Ocean, you should visit Cascais. It is the most renowned seaside resort in the region of central Portugal. Prefered by the Portuguese royal family during the last centuries, Cascais is a short ride away from Lisbon.

Even if you have no car available for the vacation, you shouldn’t worry; a trip to Cascais only takes around 30 minutes and you can easily employ a cheap Lisbon taxi service by booking online. A tour is also an option that can be explored with Lisbon Taxi: it’s all up to you!